100 friends, 3 days, 1 tribe.

Laketopia is a 3 day utopian retreat weaving yoga, ecstatic dance, inspiring workshops, permaculture, kirtan music, ritual and celebration into a transformational experience. Inspired by the inclusive and participatory principals of Burning Man, this is the ultimate vision incubator to start 2019. 


Fully catered for by renown vegan restaurant, Sadhana Kitchen, our intimate community of 100 free spirits will dive deep into a magical experience of tribal unity, surrounded by nature on an exquisite lake front peninsula just 3.5 hours drive North of Sydney.


This private event is limited to just 100 people. We welcome you to join our Laketopian tribe.

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Mid North Coast NSW.

Soul Food by Bondi's


Permaculture design  by

Ceremony by

Yoga beats by

Ecstatic dance by

Participation in the Laketopia private (not for profit) gathering is your choice, and you expressly assume any and all risks (whether inherent or not) associated with Laketopia event activities. You agree the Organisers will not be held responsible for any property loss, personal physical or mental injury, or death caused by or during your participation in the Laketopia event, and you will defend and indemnify the Organisers from any and all claims incurred of any kind whatsoever in any way arising out of your participation.
Please be aware that you will be participating in a 3 day camping experience with limited access to amenities and immediate first aid. Participants are responsible for their own health and safety and you agree to take reasonable precautions by taking all measures which may be necessary to ensure personal and community safety during the Laketopia event .

Laketopia contact: laketopialove@gmail.com ph: 0419265257